About Me

Hi, I’m Carolyn and welcome to My Chronic Library.

I’m thrilled you stopped by to learn about me and my trials, tribulations and triumphs with chronic illness.

I’m a literary enthusiast and voracious reader, certified yoga instructor, lover of all dogs, world traveler and theatre major and actress turned communications professional.

Oh yeah, and I have MS.

As I embark on HSCT, I will be sharing what I experience along the way to assuage my communication burden with friends and family and help other MS’ers who are looking for info on this procedure and experience in the U.S.

Get in touch if you have questions about life with MS, HSCT or need a good book recommendation. I look forward to you reading along.

“Our doubts are traitors,

and make us lose the good we oft might win,

by fearing to attempt.”

― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure