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My Chronic Library is a personal blog detailing my life and learnings of living with MS, undergoing HSCT, books, recipes and lessons for the chronically ill and impossibly curious.


  • 911 & My Hospital Admission

    911 & My Hospital Admission

    I’m an overthinker by nature. There is a huge difference between planning and preparation and being in the thick of it. I’m in it. I’m living it. It’s my reality.

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  • Guest Author: Observations from Chemotherapy

    Guest Author: Observations from Chemotherapy

    Wednesday was a hard day, and I was just an observer and a pack mule. My perspective is one of friend, caregiver and all-around sassy, judgement-filled short person.

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  • And We’re Off!

    And We’re Off!

    Yesterday I started my day with labs and an appointment with my oncologist before heading to a different location for the insertion of my chest catheter in preparation for HSCT.

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  • Prepping My Freezer

    Prepping My Freezer

    I’ve spent the weeks leading up to my stem cell transplant harvest prepping my freezer. My increased fatigue and decreased mobility and stability force me to be selective what I cook and when.

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  • Update on the 7T MRI

    Update on the 7T MRI

    Research is important to further our understanding and treatment of disease, but this scan was brutal. Would I do it again for research? Yes. Was it “well tolerated” as they say in medicine? Decidedly no.

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  • What I’m Reading: May 2022

    What I’m Reading: May 2022

    Get yourself a friend who knows you, cares about you AND brings coffee and books on a Saturday morning. Here’s a recap of my latest picks.

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