Doctor’s Orders: Rest & Relaxation

Today Inspector Gadget was removed. In the operating room of interventional radiology, I had one nurse who was there when the catheter was placed. He remembered me and noticed I had 100% less hair this time around. The radio was on playing “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

This is me… shaved head, wobbly legs, big smile and a few more scars on my chest.

Each member of the OR team was exceptional. The procedure to remove was two shots of local anesthetic and it was out. Truth be told, the IV in my arm hurt more than removing the catheter from my chest. I’ve said it before but I’ll write it again, science is amazing. The innovations that occurred to ease this process for me now, leave me in awe. I’m so grateful for the individuals who pioneer healthcare delivery and constantly strive to improve the patient experience. There’s a reason I work in healthcare. I believe in what we do. I can feel the impact of telling stories, sharing feedback, and ultimately, making a difference in peoples’ lives.


My soul focus until I’m admitted for my month-long stay in a few weeks, is rest and relaxation. I need to provide my body space to heal from this bout of chemo. But I also need to build strength and maintain function. It’s a tough balance to strike as all MS’ers know. So I will spend the next few weeks pampering myself with massages and facials, spending as much time as possible outside in sunshine and fresh air and will continue with twice-weekly physical therapy to work on my pesky hip flexors. Who knows, I may even get on my stationery bike for a 2-5 minute ride. All movement is good movement and all movement counts.

I look forward to sharing posts about books in the coming weeks and being completely unremarkable in the health department.

Thank you all for your comments, notes and more. Your support lifts me up and makes me smile. I’m beyond grateful.

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