What I’m Reading: June 2022

Woah, May was rough and reading was hard. Thank goodness for audio books. Between chemotherapy and my hospital admission, I was on the struggle bus for concentration. I found it nearly impossible to follow story lines and stay engaged. Nonfiction was out of the question and audio books were my savior!

I managed to get through Emily Henry’s latest. I read her previous books, loving Beach Read and liking People We Meet On Vacation. I wanted to love this book too but I struggled. Still fun, easy to read but I found the characters whiny and one dimensional. I did however love Park Avenue Summer — I’m always game to read historical fiction. I appreciate learning about women who forged the way in business for the rest of us and changed the face of pop culture in doing so.

Recently Finished

Book Lovers | Park Avenue Summer

Currently Reading

Every Summer After | Between Two Kingdoms

Up Next

The Cartographers | Lessons in Chemistry | This Time Tomorrow

I’m excited and anxious to read Between Two Kingdoms. This was another glorious gift from my darling friend and book fairy. I’m going to give it a try and see if it hits too close to home or right on its mark. Hoping I can crank this one out before I’m admitted to the hospital for my month-long HSCT stay.

Books and reading are my escape especially from emotional turmoil and difficult times. It’s frustrating when chronic illness, medications and life take that away. But I will always keep trying, even if it means listening to the same 15 minutes of an audio book at bedtime several nights in a row.

Reading is reading and I need stories in my life.

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