What I’m Reading: August 2022

The first half of the month was spent fast and furious with lots of reading. Lately however, I’ve found myself emotionally drained and unable to concentrate on books. I’ve turned to binge watching Only Murders in the Building on Hulu and Sex Education on Netflix. Everything in moderation, right?

I have noticed a change over the last few months in my reading choices. I’ve gone away from World War II historical fiction and Scottish romance novels to mystery and literary fiction. I’m expanding my literary horizons and branching out. It feels good.

Less of an update and more of a rant… Why do people love Colleen Hoover books? I can’t figure it out. She’s everywhere and my Goodreads feed and bookstagram world rave about her. I first read Verity and then It Ends With Us. Both grab you from the beginning and are easy to read but both are also all together disappointing and terrible. If someone has read either book and LOVED it, please tell me why, I’m dying to know.

Recently Finished

The It Girl | Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow | Beautiful World, Where Are You | It Ends With Us

Currently Reading

Bewilderment | White Ivy

Up Next

Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen | The Grace Year | The Many Daughters of Afong Moy

I’m way late to the game, but I got this recap in before the end of the month so it still counts!

One response to “What I’m Reading: August 2022”

  1. Hi Carolyn One of the best books I ever read is Shot in the Heart by Mikal Gilmore. It’s the true story of his brother Gary Gilmore who requested being executed by firing squad in Utah. Mikal used to write for Rolling Stone. I see there are lots of used copies for sale online. I hope each day is a step forward for you in your journey. You are a brave girl and such a trooper. I think of you daily.


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