What I’m Reading: August – November, 2022

Wow have I been a slacker as it comes to what I’m reading. I apologize for all those anxiously awaiting my current reads and book recommendations with bated breath.

Rather than my previous past, present and future recap, here are a few recent standouts and what I thought about them.

My mother’s book club read Chatter, and I have to say, it’s one of those books that I’m glad I read but it was not an enjoyable read. I did however appreciate and enjoy the list of tools to help quiet the inner critic. I started reading this on my kindle and finished this one with the audio book. Thanks, Libby app!

One of my book besties (hey AA!) read the first in the series, A Curious Beginning, and texted me immediately. 1800s London? Progressive female lead? Mystery and problem solving? Check, check and check. I am now on the third book in the series and have loved each book so far. I borrowed these books from the library but am strongly considering buying the hardcovers for my shelf because they are great books AND beautiful to boot.

I am not ashamed to admit that I 100% purchased The Matchmaker’s Gift because the book cover was so beautiful. I loved the story and love that I have the hardcover to share.

Chatter | A Curious Beginning | The Matchmaker’s Gift

I think I am the last person to the Iliza Shlesinger party and fan club. Netflix suggested her most recent stand up special (that was filmed in Cleveland!) and I loved it. I then watched several more of her shows and was struck by her ability to weave political commentary, female rights and humor seamlessly together. She also has outstanding physical comedy incorporated into her shows so I obviously jumped on her available books. One read and enjoyed, one on my TBR.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow was an unexpected and beautiful read. I knew next to nothing about the video game industry or the technical ins and outs of building a video game. I enjoyed the glimpse into that world, the flashback to my high school and undergraduate years as well as the poetic writing.

Lastly, The Bodyguard is just pure fun. I have enjoyed several of Katherine Center’s books but recommend this one unequivocally for an easy, fun read. It would be the perfect book to pick up on a day off, a weekend away or a long plane ride.

All Things Aside | Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow | The Bodyguard

I’ve read 89 books so far this year and am currently in the middle of three more. Hoping I can break 100, but not worried about it if I don’t.

Get in touch with any holiday recommendations or must reads!

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