Hi, I’m Carolyn

My Chronic Library is a personal blog detailing my life and learnings of living with MS, HSCT, books, and lessons for the chronically ill and impossibly curious. Read my thoughts on releasing body shame and comparison in health.


  • Rehab, Health Esteem & Other Musings

    Rehab, Health Esteem & Other Musings

    I will crawl, claw, and fight to improve my walk, to build strength, to be independent. I may have been kicked back to the starting line by shingles, but I will not stop trying.

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  • The Me I Mourn

    The Me I Mourn

    I have hours to think and to write, alone in my hospital bed. I find my mind wandering to the versions of me that are now lost; both from the past and also looking into the future.

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  • Guest Author: A Roller Coaster of Recovery

    Guest Author: A Roller Coaster of Recovery

    I assume by now you have read Carolyn’s new blogs about the month of February but I would like to sum it up in a few words: “What the hell?” As a parent, I just want to fix things.

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  • The F Word

    The F Word

    F is for fall, one of those key medical metrics that hospitals care about. I’ve been forced to come to terms with recent falls and how they impact my health and care.

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  • Depths of Despair

    Depths of Despair

    My mobility is not me. I work every day to understand that simple sentence. But I write now, from a place of darkness, of loss, of profound grief.

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  • Movement, Energy & the Body

    Movement, Energy & the Body

    Movement – a word that holds so much joy, so much possibility and for me, sorrow and loss as well.

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